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Kevin and his E.T. story ._.

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[TRANS] U-KISS Fan Meeting in Seoul 2014



2014 U-KISS Fan meeting “Let’s hang out with U-KISS” in Seoul 3-4 days

  • 2014.11.01(Sat) ~11.04 (Tues) 4 days
  • 2014.11.02(Sun)~11.04 (Tues) 3 days


① Fanmeeting with UKISS! (11/2)
② Night Party with U-KISS! (11/2)
③ Special concert with U-KISS! (11/2)
④ GOOD NIGHT greetings (11/2) [Members will be divided and come greet you in front of your room door. They will not go into the rooms]
⑤ Morning event with U-KISS! (11/3)
⑥ Group Photo session with U-KISS (6 fans with 6 members)
⑦ Handshake!
⑧ Meals provided (lunch x 1, dinner x 1)
⑨ 3 U-KISS special goods as presents!
⑩ Money Exchange Service
⑪Those whose birthday is between 11/1~11/4 will be receiving U-KISS’ signed present!



11/1 (Sat) or 11/2 (Sun) - Arrive in Seoul (depends on 3 or 4 day plan)

11/2 (Sun) - 2014 U-KISS Fan Meeting

11/3 (Mon) - Morning Event with U-KISS

11/4 (Tues) - Leave Seoul


Prices for Tokyo - Seoul

3 day plan: 132,000 - 148,000JPY

4 day plan: 138,000 - 159,000JPY

For more information and details of the Fan Meeting in Japanese provided by HIS Travel, click here

Translations by karenwu0109 & Kana


(by Jnhuh)

You know what’s more magical than a Studio Ghibli anime? Seeing them brought to life. That’s exactly what is happening in South Korea. 

The Studio Ghibli exhibit is being held at the I’Park Mall in Seoul until March 1, 2015.

poor Kevin uvu


[TRANS] 140708 U-KISS Voice Key Holder Machines

Vol 1 will be available in CD shops from July 15th and at the Japan Tour 2014. Vol 2 will only be available at the Japan Tour 2014. Price = 400 yen each. You will get one at random from a machine.

Vol 1

SH: Everyone, follow the Okashira(leader)! Hah!
KS: I love you the most in the world! Don’t cheat on me!
Eli: IINE(good)~! IINE~! IINE~!
HN: Fool fool fool, I’m a fool that only love you!
KV: Hey hey~ look at me? Chu!
Jun: Although I’m the youngest, I’ll try my best! From now on, please take care of me!

Vol 2

SH: I want a welcome-home kiss~ I won’t ever leave you~! Love you!
KS: Do your best today too! I will be by your side.
Eli: Good night. Let’s stay together forever. I love you.
HN: Tired? Are you okay? I will always protect you!!
KV: Good morning. Are you still asleep? I love you~
Jun: I couldn’t sleep because all I think about is you…please don’t hate me~

Translation by karenwu0109

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Soohyun eating icecream  ♡^▽^♡

키스미 잘 지내죠? 전 잘 지내요~ 너무 보고싶당.. Did u enjoy ASC today? btw I’m not from SD but would love to go one day lol キスミ〜会いたい!!!


키스미 잘 지내죠? 전 잘 지내요~ 너무 보고싶당..
Did u enjoy ASC today? btw I’m not from SD but would love to go one day lol

omg French! no wonder i wanted to speak French to you from the very beginning! somehow i felt it lol xDDD
Haha then I probably wouldn’t understand anything unless I google-translate it LOL~ I can only say “bonjour” “je m’appelle ~” and “merci beaucoup” rofl

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[@davidbubbayoon] Fun night @ UKISS concert! #kevin #ukiss #budokan #tokyo #japan #vip #backstage


[@davidbubbayoon] Fun night @ UKISS concert! #kevin #ukiss #budokan #tokyo #japan #vip #backstage

Kpop in 2037

  • Super Junior: Super Seniors
  • Girl's Generation: Women's Generation
  • T-ara: Crown
  • Infinite: Still Going
  • DBSK (Gods of the East): Retired Gods of the East
  • 2AM: 8PM (aka Bed Time)
  • Sistar: Mothar
  • Boyfriend: Husband
  • Secret: Rumour
  • After School: After Graduation
  • FT Island: FT NLAIDTGW (No longer an island due to Global Warming)
  • Big Bang: Used to bang
  • Beast: Monster

Happy Elvin ♥ (ft. Sooseop)